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Image Access Service and Warranty Policies

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Our products are designed to deliver the highest performance and reliability. All Image Access scanners are covered by the following Parts Warranty:

Two Year Parts Warranty

Image Access provides the following Two Year Parts Warranty on all scanners purchased either directly from Image Access or through an authorized distributor or reseller. Image Access warrants - for a period of 24 months beginning from the time of the purchase - that a scanner is:

  • Free from defects in material.
  • Free from defects in workmanship.
  • Free from defects in mechanical, optical and electrical design.
  • Conformant to the applicable performance specifications.

An Image Access scanner or an Image Access scanner part found to be defective will be repaired or replaced with a new or refurbished product, at Image Access´ option. Proof of purchase is required to demonstrate eligibility for this warranty service.

Full Coverage Warranty Program

Image Access offers an additional Full Coverage Warranty program to augment its Parts Warranty and to assist with the proper use and care of the product. All Image Access products represent an important investment and have been designed to provide the functionality, performance and durability required to remain competitive in a service provision scenario. The sudden loss of this productivity, even temporarily, could seriously affect the ability to meet commitments. Downtime can be very expensive, not just in the cost of the repair but also in production time lost. To help alleviate these problems, Image Access offers the following Full Coverage Warranty program through its Authorized Service Providers, in addition to its Two Year Parts Warranty which comes with every product.

A Full Coverage Warranty subscription can be obtained through the service portal at www.imageaccess.de. Subscription to the Full Coverage Warranty program requires that the device covered by the service program be registered through the service portal with its serial number. The Full Coverage Warranty program can be purchased up to 30 days after the initial purchase of the product and will cover a period of 12 months after the program purchase date. It can be renewed up to four times; each renewal will cover an additional 12 months. Approximately 30 days before the program expires, an automated eMail reminder will be sent to the registered customer. A renewal can be purchased at any time up to 30 days after the previous coverage has expired. If the Full Coverage Warranty has not been renewed after more than 30 days, the program will end and cannot be renewed without a service visit.

The Onsite Service program includes additional services provided by an Authorized Service Provider (ASP). The service provider may offer free scheduled maintenance visits and free onsite repair if necessary. These offers vary in respect to response time, price and availability

  • The Free Consumables program is the most innovative in the industry. Image Access will provide all spare parts and consumables for the duration of the subscription period as long as the product has not been exposed to any of the conditions listed in the Warranty Exclusions paragraph. The customer can request an RMA number for a spare part or a consumable through the Image Access service portal at www.imageaccess.de and after receipt of the part return the broken part to the depot.

  • The Free Software Updates program ensures that the customer always has access to the latest firmware and software released for the product. All updates can be obtained online at www.imageaccess.de, www.imageaccess.us and/or through any of the other authorized, localized websites. Customers who have obtained this additional service will receive eMail notifications about the availability of updates and other valuable information.

  • The Free Support Calls program assists in resolving problems over the telephone. To avoid delays, the customer should have the serial number of the scanner available at the time of the call. The serial number is the only required proof of ownership and also serves as proof of validity of any of the additional service programs subscribed to.

    The user may be asked to run some simple, self-diagnostic tests and report the resulting status and error code messages to the support team. The user may also be asked to eMail sample scans and other information present in the scanner or software product. This will assist the support team in determining if the problem is found in the Image Access scanner, in software or another component and if the problem can be resolved over the phone. If the support group determines that a hardware problem exists, which is covered either by a Warranty program, a RMA number will be assigned as required, a service request will be initiated and repair or replacement procedures will follow.

  • The Return to Depot service is included in all warranty programs. Instructions will be provided for shipping the product to the nearest authorized Depot Repair Center, currently located at either Image Access in Europe and Image Access in the United States. The product must be shipped at the eligible purchaser?s risk and expense to the repair center. If the scanner is covered by the Full Coverage Warranty, all shipping expenses will be reimbursed both from and to the purchaser?s site. Shipping must be in accordance with the Packaging and Shipping Guidelines. Eligible purchasers seeking services for an Image Access Product must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by visiting our website at www.imageaccess.de, www.imageaccess.us or visiting any of the localized sites. The RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box or crate to ensure proper receipt and handling of the defective product. Upon receipt of the product, the repair center will usually repair the product within ten (10) business days if the RMA has been filed correctly and no further information is required from the customer. The repaired product will be shipped back at no expense to the eligible purchaser.

How to obtain Parts Warranty Service

To obtain the Parts Warranty Service for your scanner, the device must be registered in the service portal with its serial number, shortly after purchasing the device. Unregistered scanners are not eligible for any warranty service.

Image Access scanners are supplied with a Setup and Assembly Manual and an Operation Manual. Careful reading of the manuals will answer most, if not all, of the technical questions the user might have regarding proper installation, operation and maintenance of the product. However, should additional technical support be required, the product owner may visit our website at: www.imageaccess.de, www.imageaccess.us or any of the other localized sites.

Packaging and Shipping Guidelines

The purchaser must ship all warranty returns in careful compliance with the packaging and shipping guidelines described in the Setup and Assembly Manual. Failure to do so will void the product?s warranty. Image Access advises the purchaser to keep the original box and packing materials for storing or shipping. The purchaser must return only the scanner. Prior to shipment, the purchaser must remove and retain all ?add-on? items, (i.e. adapters, cables, software, manuals, floorstands etc.). Image Access accepts no responsibility for these items and they may not be returned with the repaired or replaced product. All products must be returned in the original shipping container. The purchaser must install any original shipping restraints - if applicable - before the scanner is shipped. If the original packaging is no longer available, contact the organization from which the product was purchased for assistance.

Software Update Procedures

Software or firmware updates are a very important part in the life cycle of a product. These updates can be broken into two categories.

  • Updates or Bug fixes. These are freely available through our service portal.
  • Upgrades containing new features. To access firmware updates that contain new features, the scanner must be actively covered under the Full Coverage Warranty program.

Updates are published regularly on our website at: www.imageaccess.de, www.imageaccess.us or any of the other localized sites.

Warranty and Service Exclusions

Purchasers of products from foreign distribution channels must seek warranty coverage through the original source of purchase. Image Access provides no Parts Warranty for products that are purchased as part of a third party manufacturer?s product, computer system or other electronic device. Any warranty for these products is provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as part of that manufacturer?s product or system.

The Parts Warranty and the Full Coverage Warranty do not apply to scanners that have been exposed to one or more of the following conditions:

  • Scanners which have been subjected to physical damage after purchase; caused, for example, by casualty, accident, acts of God or transportation.

  • Failure to properly package and ship the scanner in accordance with the current Setup and Assembly Manual, including failure to replace the shipping restraints prior to shipping.

  • Removal of the product or any component (including breakage of a connector, cover, glass or seal).

  • Damages or failures occurred from service, modification or repair not performed by Image Access or an authorized service provider including tampering, use of counterfeit or other non-Image Access components, assemblies, accessories, or modules.

  • Damages or failures caused by misuse, unreasonable handling or maintenance, mistreatment, operator error, failure to provide proper supervision or maintenance, including use of cleaning products or other accessories not approved by Image Access or use in contravention of recommended procedures or specifications.

  • Damage or failures caused by environmental conditions such as excessive heat or other unsuitable physical operating environment, corrosion, staining, electrical work external to the product or failure to provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.

  • Failure to install firmware updates or releases available for the product that have been published on the Image Access portal at www.imageaccess.de.

  • Installation or resolution of hardware/software contention or conflict with the network or other parts within the host system or computer or other integration services are excluded.

The Full Coverage Warranty includes consumables like transport rollers, pressure rollers, glass flats and background plates for scanners, that have not been exposed to the above conditions and in addition have not been exposed to the following conditions:

  • Scanners on which more than 10,000 scans per month were made.

The following services are excluded from all warranties.

  • Installation or resolution of hardware/software contention or conflict with the network or other parts within the host system or computer or other integration services.