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Scan2Edit - Scanning and Image Processing in a Single Step

Using the Scan2Edit software, the operator exports the scanned images directly into the preferred image enhancement or graphics software applications (such as Adobe® Photoshop®, CorelDRAW®, OmniPage, etc.). Click through the tabbed parameter pages to set all scanning parameters and preferences. It´s just as simple to select the preferred application to which you will scan.

Scanning source material directly into the preferred graphics application saves the user time and automatically saving documents in a predefined network location increases document throughput. Additionally, Scan2Edit enables users to modify the scanned image without having to rescan - simply by changing selected scan parameters.

  • Direct export to a preferred graphics application without any additional driver software
  • Modifies images without rescanning - simply by changing selected scan parameters
  • Compatible with all common graphics applications

Scan2Edit: Software Bridge to Graphics Applications for Post-Processing

The images generated by Image Access scanners are such a high quality that post-processing is rarely required. However, some user applications require additional image modification or enhancement in a post-processing step, using a graphics tool like Adobe® Photoshop®.

Scan2Edit features a broad set of functionality available in Scan2Net® scanners such as the creation of PDF files, scanning in color, grayscale and binary in a variety of image formats, automatic crop and deskew of the source document as well as image enhancement through software, with a large number of selectable parameters. Scan2EDIT reduces postprocessing to a minimum.

Scan2Edit extends the Scan2Net® functionality. The software is free of charge and is available for download online in the Image Access Customer Service Portal.

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