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August 02 - 06, 2021
Image Access GmbH is taking a short summer break and our headquarters in Germany will be closed from August 2-6, 2021. We will return on August 9, 2021. Image Access LP will remain open for business. Stay safe and healthy!

June 10, 2021
Introducing WideTEK 24F - The Revolutionary New Flatbed from Image Access
While the nearest competitor needs 18 seconds for a full scan at 600dpi, the WideTEK 24F completes the same scan in 4 seconds and then, just one second later, it has already performed image cleanup, compression and transfer to anywhere in the network. As always with Image Access scanners, the PC is included inside the scanner and the scanner is fully functional without any costly external software running on an additional PC. Read all details about the new scanner in our Scan2Net News Flash.

February 16, 2021
Is It a Scan or Just a Picture? Watch Our Video to See Why It Matters

If youve ever wondered what the difference is between a picture and a scan, this latest video will explain it to you in detail. Why does it matter? The answer is simple: huge differences in quality.

January 22, 2021
Success Story: Preserving History with Bookeye in the Ottoman Archive

The Ottoman Archives in Istanbul are a collection of historical sources related to the Ottoman Empire and among the largest archives in the world. They cover a total of 39 nations whose territories were at one time part of the Ottoman Empire. The archives contain a vast collection of unique documents pertaining to the administration of one of history’s largest empires. After more than a century in the center of the old city, the Ottoman archives were relocated in 2013 to the Kagithane district of Istanbul. They also hold the central State Archives of Turkey. For the digitization of the enormous number of documents – some of which are from as early as the 16th Century - the archivists in Istanbul use Bookeye scanners. In a huge installation of Bookeye 4 V1A® scanners, already more than 30 million of those historic, fragile and unique documents have been digitized. Click here to read the full story and see pictures of this historically critical project.